Abby's Holiday Gift Guide!

Art! Art! Abby the Elf here with my top picks for the best gift ideas for all of the two-legged artists in your life! With so many colorful products in store, it was hard for me to pick my favorites, but since  all of these things looked good enough to eat,  I thought you might like them too! 

Here are Abby's top picks for holiday gifts this year!

1. NEW! Elmer's Painters, opaque paint markers in ultra-fine, fine, medium, and chisel tip,
 starting at $3.88 each!

Use these awesome new acrylic paint pens to decorate and customize your favorite things! Use on surfboards, backpacks, furniture, shoes, and more! Paint is permanent when dry.

2. Amsterdam Acrylic paint sets in 6, 12, and 24 colors! 
Starting at $13.80 each

These paint sets are perfect starter kits for painters of all ages! High quality paints in clear, easy-to-squeeze tubes will make creating your next masterpiece a cinch!

3. NEW! Montana Water-Based spray paint in 300ml cans! In dozens of bold colors, 
just $8.79 each!

Low odor and non-toxic, these new water-based spray paints are friendly and fun for the whole family! Decorate your surfboards, furniture, household objects, and more with these vibrant colors, in neons and metallics too!

4. NEW! Americana Satin Finish paint for Plastic, Metal, Canvas, Wood, Fabric, & More!
Available in 2oz. bottles, $2.30 each  and 8oz. bottles, $7.50 each!

Feeling crafty? Paint your own gifts this year! Use these vibrant, satin-finish acrylic paints on all of your next projects!

5. NEW! Intricate postcard colouring books by Pepin with 20 pages of unique designs on high quality watercolor paper that you can paint and pop in the mail!
Just $9.99 each!

Pair with a travel watercolor or paint set and these postcard coloring books make the perfect gift for any artist on the go! Bon voyage!

6. New Gold Shadow Gellyroll pens!
5 pack, just $8.95 each!

Unleash your inner pre-teen with these smooth and sparkly gel pens! Write colorful notes to your BFF's or use to embellish your drawings. We, like, totally heart these!

7. NEW! These water-soluble pigment drawing blocks from Portugal are perfect for sketching! 
6-block gift set, $49.00 each!

Create beautiful water-color effects with these professional quality drawing blocks in six  beautiful earth tones; sanguine, ochre, sepia, brown, dark brown, and carbon black!

8. Last but not least, these awesome journals made from recylced vintage library books are perfect for everyone! My personal favorite is the "Pokey Little Puppy!"  
Journals just $14.00 each! 

These unique journals are made from deconstructed library books and are filled with bright white sketching paper so you can doodle to your heart's content! 

Trust me, there is a lot more where these ideas came from, so stop by today and I will show you around the shop! 

I woof you all a very happy holiday season!

xoxo Abby, the shop dog xoxo


Framing Peruvian "Huacas" from the Chimu Culture

   We have a long time customer that always brings in interesting things to frame. She reminded us that we've framed original oil paintings, Australian Aborigine songline paintings, etchings, and watercolors. We always have a great time discussing design and like all of our customers, focus on creating something special that they will love for years to come. Recently, she brought in two ceramic pieces from Peru called  "Huacas". One is a Ceremonial Burial Jar and the other a representation of an Entity or human like Character. She was kind enough to share her story with us and we're excited to share it with you!


   I would like to explain a little background on these pieces. These particular pieces are at least 450 years old. The general name for these are called Chimu ceramics from the Chimu culture in Chan Chan, Peru.  They serve two functions. They are containers for daily domestic use and others made for ceremonial use for offerings and burials. The main features of Chimu ceramics were small sculptures molded as animals, fruits, characters, and mystical entities. And unlike the Incas who worshiped the Sun, they worshiped the Moon.

      These magnificent little pieces were given to our customer after her fathers death in 2003. She was motivated to travel to Peru in 1985 after she heard him speak of the time he visited in the 1920's. He had brought them to the United States after he was hired as an engineer to work on the copper mine in La Oroya. They predict that it most likely came from the Chimu culture which centered near the present day city of Trujillo. Once he was home, he offered them to the UCLA Anthropology Department in the 1990's. He was told there was no need for them so he decided to keep them, and they were later passed onto her. She mentioned that until we framed them, they remained wrapped in a couple of old pillowcases. Now the "Huacas" are beautifully displayed at her home in Colorado.

     These pieces were framed with a moulding called Foundry Float Iron from Larson Juhl. We then floated the pieces onto a beautiful fabric called Bonsai Brown Tatimi. We hand wrapped the backing and side liner. It is propped up on a tiny piece of foamcore and neatly wrapped with the fabric. It is held by manipulated crystal clear acrylic to hold it into place so that we do not damage the piece by any adhesive or damaging mounting. We then protected it with a crystal clear Plexi box to showcase the piece and it can be seen from many angles.

     Thank you for reading and we have many more stories to share. If there is something special in your home that is tucked away, we would love to help you showcase it!

Click the link here to learn more about where these came from. The photo is from the site.


Introducing the NEW SCAS Rewards Program!

Introducing the SCAS Member Rewards Program! 

As 2015 rapidly approaches, year's end gives us an opportunity to stop and consider the interconnectedness of our Orange County art community. San Clemente Center for the Arts is proud to be entering its 12th year. The heart of our business is listening to you. That's why we are always changing and improving our products and services to help you pursue your artistic path.   
The community both locally and nationally, has created what we are;

  • The Art Supply: We work to match artists with highest quality, hand selected products at an everyday discounted price.  
  • Classes: Come pursue your artistic passions or simply relax and escape the daily grind with local and internationally known instructors.
  • Green Flash Gallery: A gallery/performance space for local talent, also available for art instruction parties for business, social or kids
  • Custom Framing: Both to preserve and display what we love. We don't send your treasures out, all work done on premises by our experienced framers.
  • North Beach Art Walk: Second Friday of every month, connecting local artists with local and visiting shoppers.

Recently to further promote our connection with you, we are excited to announce our Rewards program. Designed to "give back" to our customers who support us, it allows you to earn significant savings on future purchases.

Framing - earn 10% rewards
Classes - earn 10% rewards
Art Supply - earn 5% rewards

Another very tangible reward for being our customer is our focus on customer service. We task ourselves with giving you the best possible experience each time you visit. We adhere to the idea as you find success so will we. Whether you shop us at our historic Ole Hanson location or through our mobile and desktop-friendly online store,  our mission is to help you find the best solutions for all your artistic needs.

The Entire Staff of San Clemente Center for the Arts wishes you and your family
fantastic holidays and a happy new year!


Tips for Creating a Beautiful Holiday Mantel!

Here are a few tips for creating a fabulous focal point for your holiday décor!
A fireplace mantel is the perfect way to display your favorite pieces of art, a decorative mirror, or an assemblage of seasonal objects that you love. You want to highlight your interests through your décor and work within a common theme.

    To create a dramatic impact, use the simple “triangle method”! Start with a large central object over the mantel. This could be a large framed painting or photograph, a wreath, or a mirror; work with simple pieces that can stand alone.

 Next, choose one to three complimentary colors you want to use to show off your home. A few examples of complimentary colors are gold and silver, silver and blue, red and white, tan, gold, and yellow.

Finally, incorporate objects of varying heights to add contrast and dimension. Make sure not to over-accessorize. If you have a lot of objects, find creative ways to layer them within the space.


- Add a little sunshine to your winter décor by using fresh citrus fruit and pops of bright color.

- Limiting your palette to metallic hues of silver and gold can create a stunning and sophisticated display. Use a decorative metallic framed mirror as a focal point of your room.

-Create a rustic woodland scene by using decorative pinecones, branches, and feathers.

-Fill a decorative vessel or bowl with seasonal fruit, nuts, or other natural elements for an easy and inexpensive solution.

-Candles of various sizes and shapes in a single color create a soft and inviting atmosphere.

-A traditional display of greenery mixed with fragrant, fresh Paperwhite Narcissus Flowers is the perfect way to bring nature indoors.

A great tip for the Paperwhites: These gorgeous bulbs can sit in natural or colored rocks or sea glass in one of your favorite vases! They also add height to the arrangement. Try a vase filled with juicy green pears or decorative ornaments.
Image Source of Left Image

-A row of tea light candles (try the battery operated kind if you’re worried about a flame) nestled among greenery providing a twinkling glow. Add some extra sparkle with mercury glass votive holders. 

- Draw inspiration from your surroundings by incorporating the colors and textures of the natural landscape. Seashells, natural rocks, and even succulents can be incorporated into your holiday décor for a modern look.  


Calligraphy Workshops are Bringing Classy Back!

We recently hosted our third "Modern Calligraphy for Beginners" workshop with local instructor and artist, Jenna Rainey of  Mon Voir and had an absolute blast! Since the first class last fall, we have seen a surge in interest from artists looking to enhance their handwriting. Jenna's personal style is effortlessly chic and her contemporary approach to this traditional art form is refreshingly casual.  Requiring little more than a pen,paper, and some patience, students of all skill levels find themselves easily enamored with how their handwriting is transformed in just an hour or two. 

Before students even uncap their inkwells, Jenna had the class take a few deep breaths to release any tension in their shoulders, arms, and hands, with a simple but profound warning, "if you are anxious at all, it will show". The beauty of calligraphy lies in the subtlety of the hairline strokes and consistent spacing between each of the letters, which, with practice, become second-nature. Even the most uptight students among us eventually describe the learning experience as relaxing; the gentle drag of the pen across the paper, the shiny, swirling trail of ink, the steady downward strokes, and feather-light upward flicks of the pen are almost therapeutic. 

Jenna's workshops are revolutionizing the calligraphy medium as we know it- this is certainly not your grandmother's calligraphy! Whether you're a visual artist hoping to enhance your handwriting, looking to DIY some stationery for a special event, or even thinking of becoming a professional calligrapher, "Modern Calligraphy for Beginners" is the perfect place to start building your skill set and your portfolio!

For details on future workshops: click here

Check out Jenna's website here


2014 SCAS Staff Gallery Show

Our first annual San Clemente Art Supply Staff Gallery Show was a huge hit! We want to say a big thank you to everyone in the community who came out to support the artists and check out their latest work. We spend hours everyday talking to customers about their projects and aspirations, helping them pick out the right materials and tools, and lending our expertise on all artistic matters and mediums it was time for the tables easels to turn! The work on display was as unique as each of the artist's personalities; vibrant abstracts, surrealist portraits, traditional oil paintings, and textured sculptures showcased the artist's diverse backgrounds and interests. 

The Gallery show followed a community painting event with local artist, Drew Brophy, and coincided with the North Beach Art Walk which takes place on the second Friday of each month. Be sure to stop by to view our "Spooky Art Show" during next month's Art Walk on October 11th between 6-9pm. For more details on the event and to find out how to get involved please contact us: info (at) scartsupply (dot) com.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the show a success!


From Rick Delanty 7/2012

here’s a drawing of a historical bit of San Clemente architecture that has grown into the hub of an art community: where artists can purchase materials, take classes, have work framed, and meet each other as representatives of the growing “Art Appreciation Society.”

The garden bursts with color like a flower bomb, the turquoise-trimmed windows promise enjoyment inside, and the Spanish-styled metal gate opens into a little Disneyland of art tools, papers, paints, pens, brushes and books.
This must have been how Tolkien imagined the world of the hobbits: a place of ultimate serenity, activity, and peace.
Long live San Clemente Art Supply!" Written by Rick Delanty - Click here to visit Rick's Web Site

Excerpt from Aldo Leopold's A Sand County Almanac

This excerpt is lovingly shared from Aldo Leopold's "A Sand County Almanac".



The Green Pasture

Some paintings become famous, being durable, they are viewed by successive generations, in each of which are likely to be found a few appreciative eyes.

I know a painting so evanescent that it is seldom viewed at all, except by some wandering deer. It is a river who wields the brush, and it is the same river who, before I can bring my friends to view his work, erases it forever from human view. After that it exists only in my mind's eye.

Like other artists, my river is temperamental; there is no predicting when the mood to paint will come upon him, or how long it will last. But in midsummer, when the great white fleets cruise the sky for day after day, it is worth strolling down to the sandbars just to see whether he has been at work.

The work begins with a broad ribbon of silt brushed thinly on the sand of a receding shore. As this dries slowly in the sun, goldfinches bathe in its pools, and deer, herons, kill-deers, raccoons, and turtles cover it with a lacework of tracks. There is no telling, at this stage, whether anything else will happen. 

But when I see the silt ribbon turning green with Eleocharis, I watch closely thereafter, for this is the sign that the river is in a painting mood. Almost overnight the Eleocharis becomes a thick turf, so lush and so dense that the meadow mice from the adjoining upland cannot resist the temptation. They move  in mass to the green pasture, and apparently spend the nights rubbing their ribs in its velvety depths. A maze of neatly tended mouse-trails bespeaks their enthusiasm. The deer walk up and down it, apparently just for the pleasure of feeling it underfoot. Even a stay-at-home mole has tunneled his way across the dry bar to the Eleocharis ribbon, where he can heave and hump the verdant sod to his heart's content.

At this stage the seedlings of plants too numerous to count and too young to recognize spring to life from the damp warm sand under the green ribbon.

To view the painting, give the river three more weeks of solitude, and then visit the bar on some bright morning just after the sun has melted the daybreak fog. The artist has now laid his colors, and sprayed them with dew.The Eleocharis sod, greener than ever, is now spangled with blue mimulus, pink dragon-head, and the milk-white blooms of Sagittaria. Here and there a cardinal flower thrusts a red spear skyward. At the head of the bar, purple iron-weeds and pale pink joe-pyes stand tall against the wall of willows. And if you have come quietly and humbly, as you should to any spot that can be beautiful only once, you may surprise a fox-red deer, standing knee deep in the garden of his delight.

Do not return for a second view of the green pasture, for  there is none. Either falling water has dried it out, or rising water has scoured the bar to its original austerity of clean sand. But in your mind you may hang up your picture, and hope that in some other summer the mood to paint may come upon the river.