Tips for Creating a Beautiful Holiday Mantel!

Here are a few tips for creating a fabulous focal point for your holiday décor!
A fireplace mantel is the perfect way to display your favorite pieces of art, a decorative mirror, or an assemblage of seasonal objects that you love. You want to highlight your interests through your décor and work within a common theme.

    To create a dramatic impact, use the simple “triangle method”! Start with a large central object over the mantel. This could be a large framed painting or photograph, a wreath, or a mirror; work with simple pieces that can stand alone.

 Next, choose one to three complimentary colors you want to use to show off your home. A few examples of complimentary colors are gold and silver, silver and blue, red and white, tan, gold, and yellow.

Finally, incorporate objects of varying heights to add contrast and dimension. Make sure not to over-accessorize. If you have a lot of objects, find creative ways to layer them within the space.


- Add a little sunshine to your winter décor by using fresh citrus fruit and pops of bright color.

- Limiting your palette to metallic hues of silver and gold can create a stunning and sophisticated display. Use a decorative metallic framed mirror as a focal point of your room.

-Create a rustic woodland scene by using decorative pinecones, branches, and feathers.

-Fill a decorative vessel or bowl with seasonal fruit, nuts, or other natural elements for an easy and inexpensive solution.

-Candles of various sizes and shapes in a single color create a soft and inviting atmosphere.

-A traditional display of greenery mixed with fragrant, fresh Paperwhite Narcissus Flowers is the perfect way to bring nature indoors.

A great tip for the Paperwhites: These gorgeous bulbs can sit in natural or colored rocks or sea glass in one of your favorite vases! They also add height to the arrangement. Try a vase filled with juicy green pears or decorative ornaments.
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-A row of tea light candles (try the battery operated kind if you’re worried about a flame) nestled among greenery providing a twinkling glow. Add some extra sparkle with mercury glass votive holders. 

- Draw inspiration from your surroundings by incorporating the colors and textures of the natural landscape. Seashells, natural rocks, and even succulents can be incorporated into your holiday décor for a modern look.