Calligraphy Workshops are Bringing Classy Back!

We recently hosted our third "Modern Calligraphy for Beginners" workshop with local instructor and artist, Jenna Rainey of  Mon Voir and had an absolute blast! Since the first class last fall, we have seen a surge in interest from artists looking to enhance their handwriting. Jenna's personal style is effortlessly chic and her contemporary approach to this traditional art form is refreshingly casual.  Requiring little more than a pen,paper, and some patience, students of all skill levels find themselves easily enamored with how their handwriting is transformed in just an hour or two. 

Before students even uncap their inkwells, Jenna had the class take a few deep breaths to release any tension in their shoulders, arms, and hands, with a simple but profound warning, "if you are anxious at all, it will show". The beauty of calligraphy lies in the subtlety of the hairline strokes and consistent spacing between each of the letters, which, with practice, become second-nature. Even the most uptight students among us eventually describe the learning experience as relaxing; the gentle drag of the pen across the paper, the shiny, swirling trail of ink, the steady downward strokes, and feather-light upward flicks of the pen are almost therapeutic. 

Jenna's workshops are revolutionizing the calligraphy medium as we know it- this is certainly not your grandmother's calligraphy! Whether you're a visual artist hoping to enhance your handwriting, looking to DIY some stationery for a special event, or even thinking of becoming a professional calligrapher, "Modern Calligraphy for Beginners" is the perfect place to start building your skill set and your portfolio!

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