Interview with Artist and Workshop Instructor Sarah Webber

Check out the following interview, and join us for her "Creative Critters" workshop, Saturday & Sunday, May 9th & 10th.

SCAS: Who are you and what do you do?  
SW:I am Sarah Webber, a nationally recognized western painter of animals, who specializes in barnyard portraits of cows and donkeys, and some wildlife.

SCAS: What mediums do you use?
SW:I primarily use oil.  I draw my paintings in vine charcoal. I just started using acrylic, but only here and there.

SCAS: Who has been your biggest influence and why?
SW:My biggest influences are the great artists of the past. The California Impressionists, the Taos Masters, Cowboy Artists of America, N C Wyeth, Wildlife painter Bob Kuhn, etc... I read and study a lot of art books!  However, my style and approach to painting is uniquely my own.

SCAS: We're really excited for the Creative Critters workshop. Are you? 
SW:Yes, of course. I love to teach! I have fun helping my students not copy what I do, but find something unique that they want to say in their paintings by focusing on their strongest abilities.

SCAS: What's your favorite animal to paint and why? 
SW: I guess it would have to be cows. They are what started me in this business; brought me my first awards, national exposure and of course, help me pay the bills. Their bucolic nature and expressive faces never bore me...always want to paint another one!

SCAS: Will you help us paint a portrait of our favorite pet? 
SW:Yes, I want my students to bring photos of their own pets or any animal they want to paint!  That's what my workshops are usually about.

SCAS: Okay, I'm coming to the workshop. Can I do anything to prepare?
SW:Make sure you are ready to work.  Bring drawing materials, stiff brushes, photos and the colors and supplies that are on my supply list...that makes it easier for all of us!

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