Interview with teacher Bobbi Baldwin

This month, we are offering the class "A Focus on Animal Life" with Bobbi Baldwin. In this class you will learn how to get create a beautiful portrait of animals with the use of chalk pastels. Receive tips and tricks on how to focus on the features of each animal and paint soulful eyes. You will learn how to paint noses, mouths, ears, paws, hooves, horns, fur, and hair as you are guided through the easy steps of creating a fine art painting in soft pastel. Gain confidence with the use of soft pastels, color mixing, composition, and how to make animals look natural. Join the class Fri-Sun, May 27th, 28th, 29th, 2016 from 10-4pm. Some previous experience with pastels is encouraged. Register here or sign up by calling (949)369-6603

Interview with Bobbi Baldwin

SCAS: Tell us the basics: Where are you from? 

I was born in Woodland Hills in Nov, 1958. I moved to Colo, NY, NJ, FL, & Conn. Between the ages of 3-7. My dad was a computer engineer in training.

SCAS: What type of art/medium is your  favorite to work with?

I have two favorite mediums to work with, Soft Pastels and Oil paint.  But, I also love to work in all mediums including clay and wax sculpture. 

 SCAS: How long have you been sculpting/painting/drawing? How did you get into it?

I started drawing, sculpting, and painting as a child and took every class I could, but then took a job at a computer company by the time I was 18.  Knowing my heart was in art, I started to do commission portraits at the age of 24 while working.  I began teaching at the age of 27 while working for the computer industry.  At the age of 30, I became a full time artist and teacher.  I have always loved to paint animals and people since my first drawings at the age of 10. 

SCAS: Why do you like teaching? Do you have a particular style of teaching?

I love to feel the excitement in my students when they really get what I am telling them and it feels like the light has finally gone on in their concepts and understanding.  It is a passion for me to teach.  There is nothing more gratifying to me than to see my
students proud of their work. 

SCAS: Who has been your biggest influence and why? 

I have been influenced by the great Renaissance, Russian, and Past masters and many contemporary artists as well.  I am a founding member of the Portrait Society of America and have learned from some of the greatest living masters on the East Coast. 

SCAS: We're excited about your workshop. What skills will we learn? What will we do? 

This class will focus on how to create a beautiful portrait of any animal with the use of chalk pastels.  We will look at the overall features of each animal introduced according to the interests.  We will learn to paint soulful eyes and also look at how to paint noses, mouths, ears, paws, hooves, horns, fur, and hair.  I will guide you through the easy steps of creating a fine art pastel painting that you will want to frame!   We will discuss many things including how to use soft pastels, color mixing, composition, how to make animals look natural, and most of all character, while creating a colorful and exciting painting!   
Additionally, there will be instruction throughout on the specifics of how to see negative space, angles of lines, simple bone structure concepts to line up the anatomy, thinking in shapes vs. thinking of the model as a whole, shadow and light division, composition, how to train your eye to see, and how to comparatively measure your subject out and get your drawing accurate. Plus, smoothing, edges, and subtle changes to get the real likeness you are wanting. 

SCAS: Anything else you want to add?

I am SO excited to be teaching at San Clemente Arts again!  I really love meeting the artists of this area!  It’s going to be a very fun workshop!  I believe in having fun while you learn.  This class will be filled with enjoyable moments, lots of learning, and a great group of people.  I explain things as easily as possible while giving you some really simple steps to make your work stand out.  I look forward to meeting many new and wonderful people at this workshop! I can also help for ideas with marketing your work as well. 
My work ranges from fun and fast to detailed and intricate so I am good at teaching everyone in their own style.  I have30 years of teaching experience; I teach at least 5 classes per week, year round, because I love to teach and my devoted students.  Whatever level you are at, I guarantee I will give you new ideas to enhance your work. 

  SCAS: Will you help us paint a portrait of our favorite pet?

Yes, bring your favorite photos of your pets or animals and let’s finish one or more portraits! (The quantity of finished pastel paintings will depend on your own speed as an artist.)

SCAS: Okay, I'm coming to the workshop. Can I do anything to prepare?
To be prepared ahead of time, you can draw your subject lightly on your colored paper (Canson Mitientes or pastel paper)

SCAS: Once again, thank you! We're so excited to have you sharing your skills with our artist community. 


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