Interview with Artist Manon Sander visiting Instructor

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SCAS: Tell us the basics: Where are you from? 
I was born in Berlin, Germany. I lived close to Munich and in Berlin until I moved to the US in 1995.

SCAS: What type of art/medium if your favorite to work with?
I LOVE my oils. The juicy consistency, the ability to build up texture, the luminosity, and the fact that oils dry exactly the way you apply them are the main reasons why I prefer them to other mediums.

 SCAS: How long have you been sculpting/painting/drawing? How did you get into it?
Even as a child drawing and painting were my favorite pastimes when I was bored. Cartooning kept me sane during suffering through business school. After moving to the US I painted murals for over a decade. I plunged myself into oil painting after standing in front of one of Ken Auster’s beautiful San Francisco scenes. That moment I knew I had to learn how to paint in oil. The stars aligned and I found exactly the right teachers. Since then I have not stopped learning and hope I never will.

SCAS: Who has been your biggest influence and why?
The artists I most admire are Sargent and Sorolla. But the artists who have most influenced me are all contemporaries I have studied with: Ken Auster, Camille Przwodek, Peggi Kroll-Roberts, Morgan Samuel Price, Elio Camacho. All incredible artists and very giving teachers.

SCAS: Why do you like teaching? Do you have a particular style of teaching? 
 In 2011 I was invited to teach a weekly plein air class. I wasn’t sure if teaching was for me and I was very nervous in the beginning. But I found out that I very much enjoy sharing everything I know about painting with others and feel it’s a privilege that others let me be part on their journeys as painters. I love when I see a light bulb go on because I showed a student something at their easel.
I definitely have a particular style of teaching. It evolved after spending a lot of time thinking about why some classes and workshops I have taken myself stood out to me and were my favorites. The most important factor for me to like a class was (and is) when the instructor could tell me the reasons for their choice of composition/color/brushshtrokes etc. I do exactly that, breaking it down into small steps, explaining my choices when I demo or why a student might benefit from changing something in their painting. I try to help my students to eliminate randomness from the painting process and to replace it with intention.

SCAS: We're excited about your workshop. What skills we learn? What will we do? 
I’m super excited about the workshop, too. You will learn how to see values better, how to nail them in black-and-white studies, and how to connect the appropriate color to those values. You will learn how to make clean and luminous colors and how to fill your painting with light. We will use still life set-ups to paint from and will start with exercises to separate the values in the light from the ones in the shadows. I will then show you how to use that exercise to add color to your study. And usually I sprinkle in a lot of useful little painting tips, too.

SCAS: Anything else you want to add?  
I’m looking forward to teach in California and to meet painters who feel as passionate and enthusiastic about painting as me. The workshop will be fun and informative, and of course there will be a lot of painting. One comment I get during every workshop is: “Why didn’t anyone tell me that before?”.  I share a lot and I’m sure you will make progress by taking the workshop.

SCAS: Once again, thank you! We're so excited to have you sharing your skills with our artist community. 

The pleasure is all mine.

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